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Real estate services

At Andorgest we give both buyers and sellers the estate agent services they require, while helping them in other associated matters.

Our objective is to advise our customers when buying or selling their properties. Whether you are an experienced seller or a first-time buyer, we assist you throughout the process.

BUYER: We select your property on the basis of your needs and budget and are sure of finding what you require.

SELLER: Our experience on the real estate market will help you to obtain maximum profit when selling your property and to optimise your investment.

TENANT: We find the option that best suits you, provide advice on what you are seeking and undertake to find what you are looking for.


Management of real estate assets

We relieve you of all headaches. If you have a property, we take care of everything: selecting the lessee; drawing up the contract; establishing deposits; obtaining the certificate of habitability; receiving payment of rent and updating it each year; paying expenses and the rates; managing the transfer of commercial properties; presenting accounts; managing bad debts and providing advice to the owner.
Ask us for a no-obligation quotation.


Administration of owners’ associations

We have over 20 years’ experience in estate management and a great team of professionals constantly at your service to advise you on everything you need. We provide the following services:


Accounts management:
- Annual expenditure budget
- Settlement of annual revenue and expenditure
- Control of revenue and unpaid debts
- Issue and management of receipts.

Owners’ meetings:
- Convening of meetings
- Writing of minutes
- We have our own boardroom (at our office).

Real estate maintenance:
- We protect and care for your community
- Management of any technical reports required
- Requests for quotations.

Legal and employment advice:
- Paycheques of community employees
- Contracting legal services if required.

Management of insurance claims:
- We contact and liaise with the insurance company
- Procedures and follow-up until resolution.


Accounting and tax advice for companies

We have a team of professionals who manage accounting, tax and employment matters. Confide in us for:

- Drafting of records and minutes of board meetings
- Management of annual accounts
- Monthly drafting and balance of accounts
- Presentation of tax declarations


Refurbishments and general alterations

We take care of the maintenance and conservation of properties and of the refurbishments they may require. We request quotations, deal with building permits and follow up the entire process so that you need not worry about anything.